Wild Oat Wild Oat

36 Wild Oat, Bromus ramosus

Guiding principle:
UNCERTAINTY - Directionless

About this herb:
Scientific name: Bromus ramosus
Description: Wild Oat is a species of plant in the grass family Poaceaeis primarily found in damp areas at the edge of the woods, along hedges or along the shore. It reaches a height of 2 to 5 feet. The narrow, lightly hairy leaves are wrapped around the long straw. The flower panicles hang down loosely. It is in bloom from July to September.

The aims of this flower essence:
One squanders oneself, has unclear objectives, is internally dissatisfied, as one cannot find one´s lifelong task.

Dr. Bach wrote:
Those who have ambitions to do something of prominence in life, who wish to have much experience, and to enjoy all that which is possible for them, to take life to the full. Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow; as although their ambitions are strong, they have no calling which appeals to them above all others. This may cause delay and dissatisfaction.     (The 12 Healers and other remedies, 1936)