Rock Water Rock Water

27 Rock Water

Guiding principle:

About this herb:
Scientific name: Aqua salvationis
Description: Rock water is the only Bach flower essence that is not taken from plants, but rather from springs that are known for their healing power. The water used comes from pure, untouched rock springs and is loaded with energy from the sun.

The aims of this flower essence:
One is hard to oneself, has strenious and rigid views, suppresses vital needs such as eating, sleeping, moving. A tendency towards self-righteousness.

Dr. Bach wrote:
Those who are very strict in their way of living; they deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures of life because they consider it might interfere with their work. They are hard masters to themselves. They wish to be well and strong and active, and will do anything which they believe will keep them so. They hope to be examples which will appeal to others who may then follow their ideas and be better as a result.       (The 12 Healers and other remedies, 1936)